Monday, March 25, 2013

Inflatable Awnings Provide Shade and Extend Space

When somebody plans for camping trip, it is quite obvious to buy a tent with style and size according to his or her need, but it is a smart idea to carry inflatable awnings. It is because these can be used to extend the space of tent. These are quite user-friendly and available as manual as well as automatic awning, remote or sensor-activated awning.

As the name indicates, these provide shade and protection from the penetrating rays of sun. Also, these can reduce the interior heat in your tent. Adding to this, it also provides protection for your tent from rain or wind. There are sensor-controlled awnings are also available in the market that retract the awning automatically as these sense possibility occurring of rain or wind.

Though a wide variety of tents of various different sizes are available in the marketplace, but if you are on camping trip in a dense forest and space falls short, what will you do? Well, utilizing awnings is the best solution to extend the space of your tent. Moreover, these not only provide shade and extend space, but also make the tent look stylish and eye-catching. Also, as these are made of UV resistant and weather-proof materials, these provide shade and prevent blistering sunrays to enter inside the tent.

Most of the available awnings are lightweight, sturdy, easy to set up, and look amazing. The average life span is around 5-25 years. In short, these are beneficial investment by all means. These can be found in stores offering camping gear and accessories. You can buy an awning made of various materials in different designs, shapes, patterns, sizes and colors. Therefore, you can choose matching to the style of your tent and need. 

When it comes to maintenance, it is very to wash inflatable awnings at home only because it takes minimal time and effort. Therefore, one can easily remove stains or mildew by using a soft brush and mild soap. And if you want them to be cleaned by a professional cleaner, it is also easily available in the marketplace. 

You can find high quality awnings designed by various sought after brands such as Vango, Kampa, Outwell, Stormafit, Campinez, Coleman, Easy Camp, Grangers, Lichfield, Rucanor, Sunncamp, Gelert, Aquarius, and many others. If you are looking to buy the one, you can choose from options by browsing the collection in e-stores or can visit any physical store personally.


  1. Thanks for sharing your camping experience along with these lovely pictures. The information will make it easier for the readers to choose the awning that will enhance the fun and enjoyment associated with camping.